Quests and Bonus


Participating in a quest is a great way to earn more coins. When you end a level, the current active quests will be shown on the screen.  Each quest will show your progress in completing the quest.  If you have completed a quest, you can click the collect button to collect your reward.  Remember that Quests have time limits and you have to complete them before time runs out.


The bonus icon allows you access to the bonus panel which has various ways to get more coins.  These bonus options are:

Free Coins

Press the Collect button to earn Free Coins. You continuously earn free coins and can collect another set of Free Coins every 20 minutes.  Free Coins collect even when you are not playing but are limited to a maximum of 5000 coins.

Watch Ads for Free Coins

Press the Collect button to watch an Ad which will earn you Free Coins. You can watch an ad every 5 minutes to earn Free Coins.

Monstars Slots

Try your luck at the Monstars Slot machine.  Press the spin button to try to win the 1,000,000 coin big prize.  Click the Pay button to see the payouts for each winning combination.

Lucky Record

Try your luck at spinning the Lucky Record.  Press the spin button to try to win various prizes located on the Record.

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