Leader Board

The Leader Board gives you a way to play against other players and earn prizes.  Each Leader Board runs for a session which is a period of time (usually 6 days).  At the end of the Leader Board session time, prizes are awarded to each player based on where they ranked on the Leader Board.


Clicking on the Leader Board icon will open the current Leader Board similar to the image below.


At the top left of the Leader Board is the session timer.  This shows you how much time is left in this Leader Board session.  After a session is completed, you will see in the main screen a countdown timer for how much time remains until the start of the next Leader Board session.

Each player is ranked based on the total number of notes they have received during this session.  The screen can be scrolled up and down to see where you rank and the rank of other players.  Next to the current note score of the player is the reward that they will receive if they are in that position at the end of this Leader Board session.

Leaderboard Tips

To maximize your Leaderboard score use the following tips:

  • For each game level you play try to get three notes as this maximizes your score for that level

  • Try to stay in the top ten positions of the Leaderboard to receive the higher payouts

  • IMPORTANT: You can go back to earlier levels and play those levels again to earn Leaderboard notes

  • Don't play a level again if you have already played it during the current Leaderboard session, because you only get note credit once per level.

  • Watch the time for when the Leaderboard is ending and play additional games if necessary to stay within the top ten positions.