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How to Play

Monstars Basics

Cards are dealt onto the stage area at the beginning of each level. Select any card which is higher or lower than the face-up card in the bottom pile. Aces can be played on 2s or Kings. The goal is to match all the stage cards to the bottom pile.


Level Selection

The level selection shows which level you are currently playing. Levels which you cannot access are shown grayed out. To play a level, simply touch the level number on the map. Remember, you can always go back and play levels over again to try to earn more rewards.

Three Notes

Your achievements for each level are shown on the level selection screen using green notes. For each level, you can obtain the following three notes:


Match All Cards – You can get the first note by matching all the cards into the bottom pile. This completes the level and allows you to advance to the next level. If you don't match all cards, you can replay the level.

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Beat the Time – You can get the second note if you match all the cards before the time expires. You will get a warning when you are running out of time.


Three Streaks – When you match five cards in a row, you achieve a streak. If you earn three streaks, you earn the third note. Keep an eye on your stage Streak o Meter because it lights up one light each time you achieve a streak.

Extra Ways to Complete a Level

On each level, you can use the following to help you clear the level:

  • Undo – If you make a mistake, tap Undo to undo the move you just made.

  • Five More Cards – If you run out of cards in the bottom deck, you can pay to get five more cards. You can use this option as many times as you want.



  • Match All Cards – If you match all the cards, you earn a completion reward.

  • Left-over Cards – If you match all the stage cards, and you have bottom deck cards remaining, you earn additional coins for each left-over card.

  • Time Remaining – If you match all the stage cards within the allotted time, you earn coins for each second remaining.

  • Three Notes – If you get all three notes on the level, you get bonus coins and a chance to play the Three Note mini game, where you can win a lot more coins. You can only access the mini game by achieving Three Notes.

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How to Earn Your Coins

On each level, you can earn coins through the following:

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