Image by Annie Spratt

The First Mates

Every boat needs a good first mate to operate smoothly.  Lucky for you the Bayou is loaded with quality talent.  As you progress further into the Bayou, you can hire new first mates.  Each first mate has certain abilities that may be helpful in specific parts of the Bayou.  To hire additional first mates click the crew icon.

The following is a list of all of the current first mates working the Bayou.


Jean is the youngest of the Beaver Brood. With so many siblings ahead of him to take up his family’s boating traditions, he never thought he’d get the chance to work as a mate for Valentin. However, all his brothers and sisters left the Bayou behind…which left Valentin – and you – stuck with Jean. Hey, he may not be the best on a ship, but look at that winning smile!



Pierre returned to the Bayou after a stint of driving yachts for the rich otters up north. He developed a taste for the finer things in life, and since he’s back home, he wants to upgrade Valentin’s boats – after all, if he has to be seen on them, he wants them to be big and classy! …Or at least as classy as his 2% pay raise will allow.



From the time he was a tiny kit, Charles wanted nothing more than to be the conductor on the Otterient Express. He left with dreams of grandeur and shining steam engines…but failed all his tests. So now he’s back with boats, but he’s fine with that, as long as he can stack up enough barges to make it look like a train. At least he got to keep the conductor hat!



Sophie is the pretty, perky starlet of the Beaver Brood. She spent years traveling the world, building up a fan base until she had over five million followers on BeavaGram. She grew a fondness to return home, but found when she arrived that the swamp could use some cleanup before it would be worthy of her pictures. A pretty bayou is a happy bayou!



Big and buff Louis has been away on a mission to defend the weak, the downtrodden…and any damsel in distress he could find. Unfortunately for him, those “defenseless damsels” wanted no part in his “saving”. After one too many rejections, he’s back home to try his hand at the shipping company. Maybe he’ll impress the bayou beauties with his boating skills.



Jacques has returned from a romantic summer abroad in Paris. He managed to bring back several new techniques from his days on the Seine, but not a new girlfriend. Maybe he and Louis could team up to find their true love! Until then, he’ll stick to serenading the boats.



No one knows where George traveled to when he left the Beaver Brood. No one knew when he would return. Yet here he is, the most soft-spoken of the bunch, wearing a threadbare hat he refuses to take off his head. Maybe that’s where he hides all his secrets…and probably his savings. Can’t trust those durned banks.



Josephine, the oldest sister of the Beaver Brood, is a no-nonsense first mate who just returned to the bayou after a time working at the Happy Dam Day Camp. Now that the former lackadaisical camp has been turned into a well-oiled, militaristic machine, she’s ready to optimize the shipping company’s money-making efforts by order of Valentin – or else.



Antoine is a genius inventor in all respects. After leaving to study at the prestigious WossaMoose U, he’s returned with everything from new boat engines to food multipliers to increase productivity and profits! Sure, he could be using his brain to solve world hunger and global warming, but here he is, raising the profits of a local bayou shipping company…talk about loyalty to the clan.