The Riverboats

Every Captain needs a good riverboat to navigate the waters of the bayou.  The Bayou takes it toll on the riverboats and the fleet available to you is a bit worn.  As you journey further into the Bayou, you will need to purchase riverboats that have more power or range.  Each riverboat has different number of starting barges and fuel.  Keep your riverboat repaired, because if it breaks down, you might have to face the Gators alone!!

The following is a list of all of the current riverboats available in the Bayou.



Tropic is the first riverboat assigned to you.  As you can see it is very simple and not very capable, but it is a good place to start your career!  Tropic starts with 4 barges and 45 units of fuel.



Palmetto adds a nice canvas roof over the stern to keep that Bayou sun off of your head!  The Palmetto starts with 4 barges and 50 units of fuel.


Charles Avery

The Charles Avery adds some side wheeler power to you riverboat.  This provides more power to move more cargo!  The Charles Avery starts with 5 barges and 60 units of fuel.


Henry Scherer

Straight from working the Ohio river, the Henry Scherer was the first paddle wheeler to make its way to the Bayou.  You can almost hear the steam calliope playing as it sails along the trees of the Bayou.  The Henry Scherer starts with 6 barges and 70 units of fuel.



No one is sure how this riverboat got here from the far east, but maybe that powerful paddle wheel had something to do with it.  Tigress can pull a lot of cargo on any river in the bayou.  The Tigress starts with 8 barges and 80 units of fuel.


Rose Island

Some say that Rose Island is an old gambling riverboat that Mr. Valentin won in a poker game.  We say that you will get a clear view of the Bayou sitting that far above the water.  The Rose Island starts with 8 barges and 70 units of fuel.


Silver Star

The Silver Star is one of the best riverboats on the Bayou.  Lots of room and power to take you where you want to go in the Bayou.  The Silver Star starts with 8 barges and 90 units of fuel.


Swamp Fox

The Swamp Fox is one mean riverboat.  It is all about power and range with this riverboat.  The Swamp Fox starts with a fleet best 8 barges and 100 units of fuel.


Harvest Queen

The Harvest Queen has a center boiler and a roof that extends over the length of the boat.  This is so fancy you could also leave on this baby!  The Harvest Queen starts with 6 barges and 60 units of fuel.