As captain of your Riverboat, you have been hired by Mr. Valentin to perform a simple job.  You must navigate your ship up the Bayou and pick up the cargo that Mr. Valentin needs to fulfill his shipping orders.  If you succeed then he will pay you for a job well done.  If not you lose the money it cost to outfit your riverboat for the journey.




Cargo is always found floating in the Bayou.  The number on the cargo lets you know the amount of cargo that is in that location.  You can only pick up cargo if you have an empty barge available to store the cargo.


Gas x4.png

Your riverboat needs fuel to run.  A fuel unit is equal to one second of riverboat operation.  Each riverboat starts with a fixed amount of fuel.  If you get low, you might see some floating in the bayou which you can pick up.



There are many things in the Bayou that can slow down or trap your riverboat.  Rocks and tree branches will stop your forward movement.  Sandbars and floating logs will keep you from moving left or right.  The Bayou is filled with obstacles so keep a close eye out.


Left right finder 2.png

You have to steer your riverboat along the Bayou.  You steer the riverboat using your finger by touching anywhere on the screen.  Move your finger left to steer left, right to go right.  Your riverboat goes forward at a set speed so you just need to worry about steering left and right.


Barge x3.png

Barges are used to store cargo you pick up in the Bayou.  You can always see the number of Barges you have behind your riverboat.  If you need more barges, you can see them floating in the Bayou.  The number on the barge lets you know how many there are.