You’re the captain of an arctic Icebreaker ship. You have just received a frantic radio calls that there are trapped researchers on the ice flows who need to be rescued. You race to set sail, knowing that once you start this trip there is no turning back!

Icebreaker Rescue is a line breaker style game in which you control your ship to cut back and forth between the ice flows. As captain, your job is to rescue as many research groups as possible before your ship is destroyed by hitting the rocks or floating debris. As you rescue more research groups you unlock bigger and more powerful Icebreakers, which allow you to earn more points.

Along the way you also can rescue various sea creatures for extra points. Find and release the trapped whale for maximum bonus points. If you achieve the animal rescue goal, you get to open the special reward chest.

Can you navigate the treacherous ice fields to become the top Icebreaker captain in the world!

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Game Features
  • Play 14 different icebreakers from 10 different countries.
  • Rescue research teams from floating ice flows.
  • Pick up the atomic device to make your ship indestructible for a limited time.
  • Rescue arctic animals for additional points.
  • Open the special reward chest by rescuing the required number of animals.
  • Help free the trapped whale for maximum bonus points.
  • Check Leader Boards for top score.
How to Play
  • Tap the screen to have your ship move from side to side.
  • Make sure that you are lined up with the clear ice so that you can safely sail to the other side.
  • Sail clear of the floating rock covered icebergs or debris.
  • Rescue as many arctic animals as possible to increase your score.
  • Free the trapped whale for a special bonus.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the Icebreaker Ships?

Each Icebreaker Ship earns you points for breaking through the ice safely. Picking a higher ranked ship will earn you more points.

What does the element with the Atomic symbol do?

In the game if you collect the atomic symbol it provides a shield around your ship. The shield protects your ship in case you hit a rock. The shield only has one use so if you hit a rock, your ship is safe, but the sheild deactivates.

Where is the trapped whale?

In the higher levels, there is a whale that has become trapped in the ice. Free the whale for a big bonus.

Why do I want to rescue the Arctic Animals?

When you rescue the Arctic Animals, you get bonus points. Collect enough of the animals and you get a reward chest which has extra bonus coins in it.