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About ITEC Games

About ITEC Games
ITEC Game Studios (ITEC Games) was formed by ITEC Entertainment Corporation to focus on mobile entertainment and gaming.  ITEC Entertainment is a global creative, technology and production company. ITEC Entertainment has been creating engaging stories, attractions, and unique technology for decades.
ITEC Games intends to bring that same combination of creativity and technology to the mobile environment. ITEC Games is focused on creating mobile entertainment, which is fun, captivating, and unique for the whole family.  ITEC Games is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

About ITEC Entertainment

ITEC Entertainment Corporation is a global industry leader of entertainment solutions that push the frontiers of themed entertainment design, technology and production to new heights. Founded in 1985, ITEC has delivered over 300 of the most successful and comprehensive guest experiences spanning: theme parks; cultural attractions; rides & shows; real estate development & mixed-use; resorts; entertainment centers; and themed dining. ITEC is headquartered in Orlando, Florida with offices in Los Angeles and  Shanghai. For more information, visit